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here we are again.

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Well... I have once again gotten to what seems to be my lowest I have been in a very long time. Just kind of seems like life is crushing me right now. My girlfriend knows something is wrong and wants me to talk about it but I can't seem to bring myself to. I just know that the way I feel is just going to upset her a lot and I don't want to do that.. fact is I don't know how to pull myself together. I never do. I'm heading toward some serious self destruction and I'm not even wanting to stop it. I guess its my way of giving up.


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When we reach the point where our own resources are not enough to keep the darkness at bay, methink only professional help does the trick. Also I would be very open with your gf if I was in your skin. As long as you keep her in the dark, there is nothing she can do and she deserves a chance to help you going through this. When we are that lost in the woods, sometimes the only thing we can do is blowing the whistle to indicate our position and let people know where we are. Then they can find us. I hope things will get better soon for you.
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