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Here we go again....


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Let me guess, your country or city is under another lockdown again.
Yeah National lockdown part 3. This is on top of various local lockdowns that have been occuring over here. Now lockdowns, I don'y have a problem with, as it's a necessity. What pisses me off sideways is the amateurism of the government throughout this whole shitvid. Time and time again decisions have been made reactively, and usually always belatedly to boot. Opportunities have been there for them to take a more proactive approach, but no, it's a sit shit and wipe policy which they prefer to adopt.

In case you're wondering, it's the UK.
Footballers - and the rich and famous in general - can continue to do as they please, though; but police are literally entering people's homes to arrest them now. It's a fucking disgrace. I'm too scared to even go for a drive.

Not sure where you're based, but here, we've never really been out of lockdown. We went straight to tier 3, and then 4. It's awful.


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I feel that at this point they don't know what they are doing. Talks of mental health are out the door. Most countries re-opened for Christmas( should be no surprise to these governments why the numbers are high again) Governments passing restrictions without even 24hours notice. People facing prison for traveling more than 5km away from their home. It's really all a mess. I feel like we have all lost our democracy , how can power of just a big situation be within the hands of such few? Where is our voice in any of it?


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And now, at least in USA, they are fucking up the vaccine distribution. So many morons in charge!
They are in the process of doing that over here also. Add that to how they in the beginning tried to organise test and trace plus procurement and distribution of PPE, it's a masterclass in fuck ups. If you want something to get totally bollocked over, get a politician to run it.
It's fucking simple and obvious, get the army involved in terms of logistics planning, not some bellend in a suit who's more focused on how much of a backhander he can make out of this whole fucking omnishambles of a mess.

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