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here we go again

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today isnt good. too many reasons why it isnt good. i need to vent, i need support, i need someone to care. to find such things seems to be exceedingly difficult. i am sorry, but now my thoughts again are turning dark. is it worth it to continue on again and again and again. if others think im a failure, doesnt that validate my own thoughts.

i cant get a grip on things, feels like things are spiraling out of control. i dont know even how to do it, or what im going to do. thats the next thing, to come up with a plan


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No...the next thing to do is to find support here and with someone who can help you sort it out...when we are in such pain, we likely feel like a failure because we have problems managing our lives...that is not a failure and you are not a failure...please continue to post and let us know what is going on...so many of us feel this way...big hugs, J

thanks. thats why i posted, for support. otherwise we'd/I would just have done something and not said a word to anyone

i need support.
thanks golden psych

im not sure that venting is the answer for me at this moment

i dont know i suppose then what type of help i am looking for nor expect

its all a steaming pile of *%#, but whats new

thanks anyhow all.
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