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I left a message, but wanted to also write here to tell you how sorry I am that you are not feeling well and that there are so many that care


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I really hope you're feeling well, MoAnamCara. It would make me ecstatic knowing that you're truly fine.

Why don't you tell us what's wrong?


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Hey Mo, Don't you dare do anything rash.. There are way too many people who love you..I am always here for you and you know that..Keep talking to me and lets figure this out between us..
I feel hopeless tonight.

Bad news received today, its just one thing after another.

Therapy today was disjointed, rushed and I left feeling worthless

So its another here we go again. What to do? Am tempted, very tempted right now.
I'm unsure of what words to use or what use it is to use them. Feel useless, unable to help, unable to cope and not wanting to admit personal defeat, yet again.
Sometimes, when we have so much to deal with, we do not know how have so much on your plate right now, that it is no wonder you feel this about it...see who can help you...and know, that you are very cared for...J
talk about it...see who can help you...

IV - thank you, so much. Above is what Sadeyes had responded and unfortunately I really don't have folks to talk about it with, or to help right now. Once hospice starts, then help will come. I don't really want it to start though as its like official recognition that all of this is reality. And even though I know it is, I've been living it, theres still a tiny bit of hope in some part of me... plus I'm, as ever, being strong for them. I know a time will come when I will completely lose it. But, I can't right now.

Please take care of you, thanks for thinking of me. :hug:


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We do think of you Mo, :console: :hug: A WHOLE LOT!!! I can see SO MANY who love and care about you... not just me.

I am sorry I missed this thread... I was too busy wallowing in my own self pity and horrible feelings.

YOU MO ARE AWESOME!!! You cope with so much, you give so much, you care so much and you as a person are worth so much!! I do hope you find your voice and feel comfortable enough to share and off load a bit. Its ok to struggle, it really is, anyone would be struggling in your position. Please give yourself a break ok. You are so often in my thoughts and although I'm not particularly religious you and your family are in my prayers too.

My words seem so inadequate in the face of your very real pain, but just sending as much love, care and hugs your way as I can today. :grouphug: xx
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