Here's a simple three-step formula to make any change you wish in your life:

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    Hi all, I made up my mind and I'm firmly committed to turning my life around, I saw this in a post and thought maybe some of us here could benefit. (For the sake of not reposting without permission, let me state that this was written by Dr. Jackie Black.)


    First, decide what behavior you want to change or goal you want to achieve. Carefully craft a statement about one or two benefits that will come as a result of changing this behavior or achieving this goal.
    How will your life be enriched or improved if you change this behavior or achieve this goal?

    Next, make a list of the relevant steps necessary to attain this goal. Be sure to include short-term, mid-term and long-term benefits so you can feel good about all the tiny wins you will have on your way to making this change or achieving this goal.

    Last, be sure to include two or three strategies that you are planning to employ. Also include two or three special people who will be your cheerleaders and support you through this time of change.


    Incidently I hope WildCherry reads this, (we all know how awesome she is, right?!), when I saw the last sentence, she was the first one I thought of.
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