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heres my life in a nutshell

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by steve64, Feb 15, 2016.

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  1. steve64

    steve64 Member

    I have had suicidal thoughts most of my life, My first marriage of 20 years failed because she thought I was too boring, so she felt the need to cheat, which somehow is my fault, I have been marriage to my 2nd wife now for almost 9 years. She has been the most amazing person in the world, I have had many heart related problems in the last 5 years and she has taken such good care of me. Why is it no matter how happy I am I still have the thought I want to, or am going to die any day? So now I am 51 and I really just don't want to go on..... I feel I cant talk to my wife about it, she thinks depression is something a person can just get over and be happy.
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi and welcome, even though we already met in the chat room. You've joined a wonderful supportive community full of amazing people. A lot of people think depression is something people can snap out of and get over until they themselves are in that spot. I think you should try and talk to her more and see if you can get her to understand. Other than that I am sorry for the medical issues you have had, heart surgery is very serious, you must have been scared. Please keep talking to us here. We understand and want you to know you are being heard and understood and valued. Best of luck to you on your journey of recovery.
  3. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    What are you doing about the depression? Are you getting treatment or also waiting to just get over it and be happy? To be perfectly honest, sometimes you can. Everybody is sad or a little depressed now and then- and that can easily be taken care of simply by choosing to do things, but the implication is you clearly do not believe that is what it is so regardless of what your wife believes, and even if it would be simpler with her support, ultimately you have to do something to get better or it probably wont. If you cant talk to her about it then talk to your Dr.
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