Here's my reintroduction.

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The biggest loser ever to live.
Hey guys.

I joined this forum just over a year ago but yet most here still don't know me nor do I know them, its my fault, I don't think I've been very open with my problems since I feel that they are unsolvlable even though I'm sure they are very easy to fix. The same goes for my psychologist, I haven't been open with him either. Arrgggh!!!! I'll try to muster up some courage to tell you guys and him everything that bothers me. Sigh.....

Feels like I just joined these forums, I feel ignored here and that I won't make a difference, its okay if I don't, please be brutally honest with me, no lying to me please.

Maybe I'm ignored because my problems aren't as bad as some of the others here? I mean, I don't have any drug/alcohol problems, haven't lost a loved one yet, never been beaten/raped/abused/neglected, etc. I'll try to say later on why exactly I feel depressed and feel that I HAVE to commit suicide. :unsure:

I also don't know if I can contribute much here, I always feel ignored here. I had recently had my username changed because of my dad finding out I posted here thanks to some anonymous jerk and told me to change it so I did.

I hope I can hang around here more and help you guys out and you guys can help me too. I'm so alone, I have no friends to talk to and my parents keep grilling and pestering me whenever they see that I'm depressed, right now I'm hiding my depression from them and not telling them why I'm depressed, I know thats a bad move but whatever. My parents keep telling me that I'm luckier than most depressed people in that I have a family to help and support me but I don't want to tell them what bothers me as I feel that they partly caused it and I don't think they'd ever understand anyways. So basically I am all alone in my sadness, my sad thoughts and depression.

I have a habit of typing out a lot as well, hope you guys can bear with that. :smile:

Once again, I hope I can help out some people here and that you guys can help me out as well. :smile:
Well it hardly seems fitting to say welcome to the forum since you aren't new around here, but I want you to know that you are always welcome to be here. I do know who you are and have read many of your posts. I can assure you that you do make a difference just by your presence. I look forward to seeing even more of you around here. Keep posting hun. People do notice. Take care. :hug:
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The biggest loser ever to live.
Yeah, your right, thanks for welcoming me here again. I'll try to make more of a difference here now, I hope. :smile:
Just I'm having more depression and suicidal thoughts lately, eh, I'm sure I can manage, I think. Ugh.

I still feel ignored here though, I don't want to be an attention seeker, I don't want to be selfcentered or selfish. I'm sure others here are ignored too, some people just all through the cracks, there aren't enough resources to help everyone. I don't think I can be helped or will be helped, either because others ignore me or because I don't want to seek help, I'll just drift through life on the wrong path, knowing constantly that I could have done something to change my pathetic fate but I didn't. Just look, I've already resigned myself to a sad life, already, I've already given up hope?

I really hope I can find some support here, I'm hurting. You can't see it, but I really am hurting inside. It sucks to be me.
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i would welcome you. but i'm a newbie here so really you should be welcoming me. :cool:

so when is this later going to happen?... when are you going tell why you're feeling crummy and suicidal?


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I know who you are (or rather were) too, and echo what Gentle says. As regards the feeling ignored, I think that is something that everyone on the forum goes through at some time or other, I know that it is something that I have experienced. But hang around, post, go into chat and give us an easy nickname for you :tongue: and I'm sure you'll be fine.
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