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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by SomewhatDamaged, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. What's the point? We all die someday. Why not now?

    Thoughts of pulling the trigger or popping the pills or cutting too deep have never been so appealing.
  2. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    Good question. I ask myself the same all the time. For me I have only a few patheic reasons to live but its good enough for me lol. Im addicted to online games.
  3. sudut

    sudut Well-Known Member

    please p.m me if you wanna talk. don't do it to your loved ones. please. we are all here. tell us more; whats up?
  4. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    hi somewhatdamaged and welcome...glad you found us...the question you pose is one that is perceived differently depending upon the degree of depression one feels, and one's ability to see the distortions one makes in this state...useless, hopeless, meaningless...I have asked myself, if I could feel better another way, would I do that? for me, it is my continued ability to feel the caring that is there for me (and for you as well here) and my fight to try to recapture what was stolen from me as a child...sometimes, just damn stubbornness that keeps me here; other times, a genuine feeling that there can be another way, another narrative I can create for myself...hope you find ppl here who you can share with...big hugs
  5. music_addict

    music_addict Well-Known Member

    Well there are little things that can make you feel better. For example, just thinking about the fact youve managed to not kill yourself for this long can actually help. Ive done this multiple times on really bad days and it was the only thing that kept me from ending it. Little things that seem dumb to others can have a huge effect on those of us who are on the edge.
  6. goliath

    goliath Active Member

    Well. The reason is once you've done it there's no going back. It's the end. Nothing will ever happen again once u've done it. It's pretty scary thought isn't it?
  7. It's not a scarier thought. What's scarier is knowing I have to wake up the next day. But the point is, if I don't die now, then I die later. And you could use the "loved ones" excuse. But if they're all just gonna grow up and die, and in the end generations in the future will forget it, it doesn't matter.
  8. helena

    helena Staff Alumni

    I guess what you said about the loved ones,isn't exactly like that....some deaths stay for generations , I mean, some cases get passed on like: the brother of your grandfather commited suicide, or get killed in W.War II, on a car race, etc, etc...not all deaths just disappear, and some of them even can keep causing pain for a long time.... specially the self choosen ones.
    I guess the reason to not die now and at the end we all go so why not now, is because of the things we experience along, the people we meet, the stamp we leave on things, I mean you're presence on earth leaves a track, in some cases more visible then others...and specially if it seems like meaningless now you should keep the door open, I mean, if you get out , like goliath said, you probably wont suffer anymore but wont experience a lot of good things that I'm sure are laying ahead of you.
    I hope this makes some sense, and believe me, I asked that question a lot myself too, still do sometimes, and I think I understand how you feel.
    I hope we can help you stay long, death is the only certain thing about life , so don't hurry it up, try to see what's yet to see before that
    Take care,
  9. Syd

    Syd Guest

    It's no one's choice to make except your own. The points where each of our deaths fall on a timeline are perhaps of little significance in most regards. The human purpose or meaning we give life is purely subjective, and while I can't draw empirical conclusions - I would say with confidence that the events of our lives have no effect on anything outside of the concept of life (death). Life simply exists for those of us born into it, we can see it as a gift or a misfortune.

    Here's one way of looking at it all. Each of us are brought into life by chance, we're the products of events that were executed beyond our control. We're random in this way, but life is in our control. There is no obvious purpose to life, rather, life itself is our purpose as life-forms, we're meant to survive and exist here until death claims us. However, if we choose suicide, we're leaving in a different way than we arrived. To be brought in randomly, to live by choice, and then leave by choice creates an imbalance in order, and is abnormal. To live until we die by fate is to leave the same way we entered, randomly.. completing a certain balance and harmony in the system.

    | = uncontrolled, random ........................... - = control

    birth (uncontrolled)....................... life - control ......................... death - control

    birth (uncontrolled) ......................... life - control ......................... death (uncontrolled)

    Does any of this have any significance? I can't say, maybe it does or maybe not, you decide. I'm agnostic btw, so I'm not one to defend ideas such as god or anything meant to describe concepts outside of limited human understanding. However, balance is something of vital importance in nature, math, science, psychology, philosophy, and the concept of duality is one of the most universally applied truths observed by mankind. I don't mean to sound contradictory by bringing this up after admitting I believe life has no influence on anything outside of life - I said so because the terms and concepts we use in human thought and language are as much reliant on life itself as we are ourselves. Therefore it makes sense to apply life to life, and is nonsense to speak of life (and everything we comprehend) in a context which we assume to be separate from life. (which, btw, is impossible to imagine - and any effort to do so would simply yield a product of life, no matter how much that perceived pseudo-afterlife inspires someone to believe otherwise)

    Now, I really wish I had a grand point to all of this, but I have only my own biased views to share, though I have been suicidal myself in the past. The fact is, for awhile now I've chosen to view life as a gift. It's this gift that's given to all of us, the random event of birth represents our reception of the gift. I think of experiencing life itself as accepting the gift, and I believe helping others to live and better experience life is a way of repaying the debt of the gift itself. Technically, I know gifts are thought of as free, but when I think of the history of humanity - all of our ancestors who struggled to keep our species alive, that's who I'm paying the debt to.

    That's where I find purpose, you could say. All of this work humanity has completed amazes me, and to realize that I'm part of something so great is what motivates me to continue building what the others have started. So I do believe in a greater purpose in that sense. I just don't see the entire purpose as anything remotely understandable by humans, I simply feel an inner peace and sense of comfort after successfully helping people, and admiration for those who've helped me or who help others as well. I've felt both great pains, and unbelievable highs in life, and after such experiences I seek only to find more balance of neutrality between the two. This neutrality is achieved by countering the negative aspects of life with positive (in the context of society, helping those who suffer disproportionally more than they enjoy life) and in a healthy allignment, there is a constant reciprocation of both positive events and negative.

    That's my take on it, I'm here to discuss anything you're interested in, though you will have to decide for yourself if living is important enough for you to continue. If that is the case, I'll do my best to help (as I'm sure many others here will) and all of us will learn from hearing about your experiences and viewpoints as well.
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  10. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    I used to think I should stay alive cos my family would miss me. So I cut myself off from my family. I then thought I should stay alive cos my friends would miss me so I cut myself off from my friends. Anyway after a really rubbish suicide attempt I learned that my best mate who I'd cut myself off from had killed himself which kind of screwed me up a bit. After coming to terms with that I went out with a lass who jumped off bridges and set fire to herself which was also a bit freaky. What's the point to all this? I'm not really sure. But when you say things like "We all die someday. Why not now?" Well, I'll probably kill myself one day, but I'd like to think I'd pick a good moment and not screw up people as much they've done to me. I guess that's how things are in an ideal world though and probably nothing to do with reality... so I'll shut up now.
  11. Flatliner

    Flatliner Guest

    The only good time to die for yourself or anyone is when you are old, have lived your life as thoroughly as you can and taken every opportunity you can. There isn't a general point to life. Everyone has a different one. Don't you want to make your mark on the world? Don't you want to strive to be remembered?
  12. yada

    yada Well-Known Member

    I've been asking myself the same question a lot lately. The only real reasons I can see to stick around are that I am curious what'll happen next to the world, and what'll become of certain friends and family. No, I have'nt answered the question yet.
  13. Life isn't pretty. Life is a constant cycle of life and death. You should not kill yourself however, as it is betraying yourself and nature. Your purpose in life is simply to live. Our planet is special in supporting these organisms, and we should not wish to damage any part of this living miracle.
  14. Will

    Will Staff Alumni

    I'm suspicious of yours and Chrustler's intentions as it is. It's as if you're just trolls who are literate, and not spamming nonsense. But that doesn't mean that what you might be doing is right.

    Even if you're intentions are good, you can't force ideas and your so called 'reality on people'. You'll only make them more confused. People who's lives are fragile at the moment need to be cared for. Giving them 'raw' facts and thinking that it will help is wrong.
  15. I certainly do not force my ideas. I teach when I am asked and I think that pretty much any topic in a suicide forum would be a plea for teaching.
  16. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    I do not believe that people come here to '' be taught '' anything - rather they come here to seek support.
  17. I find it interesting how hostile this community has been to someone who has come to offer help.
  18. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    I wasn't meaning to come across as hostile - rather than point out that the site is a place of support, and not for teaching :)
  19. Will

    Will Staff Alumni

    I find it strange that you joined at the time last night, and about your name. Not that it matters, but I can say that it's a joke, you can't expect people to become optimistic by sending someone to a 'tribe'. I'm not trying to be hostile, but I'm pretty sure you're going no where with this.
  20. I was referring to this guy below you :)

    You find it strange that I joined last night? I do not understand this. You are misdirecting your emotions I think. I also do not understand what you think about my name? I'm sorry if you don't think tribal life has anything to offer but a lot of depression is caused by modern social anxieties.
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