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here's whats going on with me

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my name is jesse and im fourteen. my life pretty much sucks now. It seems to get worse everyday. My mom got remarried and my stepdads four kids live with us. My real brother yells at me all the time and my mom never sticks up for me. I feel like i don't belong anywhere. I get no privacy or anything. I am slowly getting deserted by my friends and i think suicide is the only way out. O and i just found out we are moving. This house is the only thing i have to remeber what my life used to be like. I also used to cut myself and i started again.


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I want you to congratulate yourself. It takes a lot of courage to come out with your problems and explain them like this. You did it in a calm and very good manner. I also congratulate you on making it so far on your own, and coming for help once you needed it.

There is not much help I can offer you, this is a situation that is a bit out of your control. It's hard when you live with so many people, but try to keep to yourself as much as you can. Then your brother may stop yelling at you so much, and you'll also feel less crowded. If you can, try to keep connections with your friends so you do not lose them. Go over their houses, go out with them, ect. If your friends desert you, try to go places by yourself. Moving might not be so bad, you'll make a lot of new friends, I'm sure. I forgot who said this, but "a friend is someone who you want to be with when you want to be by yourself". Friends are great support.

I'm here praying that things will get better for you. I'm sure you're a great girl, try not to let it get to you, Jesse.


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Hey Jesse, welcome to the forum..
I'm not to sure what to say right now, But just keep looking ahead
Try talking to your family about how you feel about everything..

Take care,
Ally _%


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I am sorry to hear that. But you can pick your friends you can pick your nose but you cannot pick your family. I know it will seem like an eternity but just wait. Wait until you can get away from that place.

Another method would be to get involved in free school activities. Those will keep you out of the house a lot. Just find something to do that will keep you away from house and your family.

Or with your brother yelling at you. Instead of waiting for someone else to standup for you stand up for yourself. I know it is hard and I have only barely ever been able to do it. But that is always an option.
well there are now free school activities at my school i go to all of the clubs i can. My mom just quit smoking so i can't smoke to calm down anymore. my childhood feels waisted and i wish it was something i could enjoy rather than not want to remember.
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