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  1. Ezza121

    Ezza121 Active Member

    I'm not a user but i have always been curious about this drug. I've used pot on several occasions and didnt enjoy it too much, but i was just hoping if somone who had experince with Heroin and pot and suffered from depression could give me some insight about how the two drugs affected them when they felt depressed/suicidal.

    Hope to hear some responses.
  2. Ptitz

    Ptitz Well-Known Member

    What i generally hear about heroin from people that used it is:
    1.Its overrated(people that tried it but didnt get hooked)
    2.It ruined my life(people that DID get hooked).

    So ye... I wouldn't go there. Drugs can be ok in moderation, when you are feeling ok in general and can control your actions. When you are depressed its better to stay away until your head is clear.
  3. corang

    corang Well-Known Member

    I tried some EXTREMELY potent weed not too long ago. It was just weed according to a drug test. The next day I was suicidal for a few hours then was just depressed for 2 or 3 days. Ive smoked less potent weed before and didnt have any emotional problems. I guess its all up to chance and strength of the drugs.
  4. TerrapinStation

    TerrapinStation Well-Known Member

    I use and love heroin, its kept me from suicide by taking away pain thousands of times. However, im also physically addicted to it. If one wants to explore the world of heroin, make damn sure they always have a constant supply of both heroin and money to buy it (i've had to do things society frowns on a lot to get heroin money, no prostituting or stealing, more like dealing etc), as the joy of the high is matched by the pain of the withdrawal
  5. ChillCash

    ChillCash Active Member

    I was addicted to heroin for 3 years, daily IV user multiple times a day sticking my arms upto 20 times a day with re used needles.. I got into oxy/heroin because it helped with my depression...and at first it does. Then if you're lucky enough to get addicted like me ..my life is 100x more shittier being addicted and now even 5 months sober I still feel shittier than before i started. I would have to wake up sick every single day throwing up all over myself, sweating nonstop and drive down to the ghetto just to cop a couple bags to not be sick anymore. Every single day. Dodging police and other bad people tryin to take advantage of a sick junkie... Nothing is glamorious about heroin. After awhile I wouldn't even get high anymore, I was spending $150+ a day just to not be sick. My advice: DONT START. I REGRET IT EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  6. monnie101

    monnie101 Member

    As a former Heroin Addict and Dealer 9 years ago, PLEASE listen to my advice!

    You do not want to know what it feels like because if you do, you are screwed possibly for life! It's like eating the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden.

    READ ABOUT HEROIN WITHDRAWAL! Most people that try heroin at the time do not know about the pain and agony or withdrawal. When you can't get it, you are in horrible physical and mental pain. Your a puking sweating disgusting shaking mess that anyone would pay to get out of, and they do by buying more heroin and curing the sickness. Movies like "Trainspotting" show a decent depiction of what it's like.

    I won't lie to you, I personally think Heroin saved my life at 19. But that's because I had given up on doctors and it took many years to find the right antidepressant to help me. I'm on 300mg of Effexor. And also on Suboxone. While Heroin feels better then an orgasm and cures depression at a snap of a finger, you also must know that being a Heroin addict is a full time job! You have to always have money, and no matter how many good connections you have, there's always problems like the dealers all aren't around or out of product, awaiting product refill. Then you gotta go on the streets looking, risking getting ripped off, beaten up and having your money stolen. If your a girl, you could easily slip into prostitution which really screws up a females brain and creates worse depression. At first doing Heroin seems great but then your body gains a tolerance fast and before long it's a full time job. I live in a city where it might as well be called, "Heroinville" and most people seem like they will be on heroin or some opiate replacement such a methadone or suboxone for life.
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  7. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    If you really want to know how being addicted to heroin feels like, just watch Intervention. Seeing people inject heroin into their arms is awful, but the heroin withdrawl symptoms are even worse. I would recommend that you stay away from this drug. Listen to the advice given by people who have been there.
  8. DropKick

    DropKick Active Member

    To be honest if I didn't do Heroin when I did I would have killed myself by now, I used heroin in January 2008, for the whole month, around 15 or so times, and stopped, I didn't get hooked, I was on the edge but got off it. It saved my life. Cleared my mind, and made me forget every trouble I had at the time. Not saying try it or don't try it. Just giving my expierence.
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