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  1. AloneInTheDark

    AloneInTheDark Well-Known Member

    I know I haven't been around much recently, well over the past 2 years. Some of you might know that 2 years go I was released from prison for the first time. I went back shortly after and I am now again released. This time however, I have a heroin addiction and I don't know how to cope! I was in prison for another 2 years and during that time was introduced to heroin. I did it to escape, to escape from my cell, my life and my incarceration. Now that I am free I don't want to use heroin, I have no desire too, however the habit compels me to. I'm lost, and I just need to find someone out there who has had this addiction and know how they overcame it.

    Thank you
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    YOu need professional help to get over this addiction YOu need to sign in to a detox center and have professional people help you okay. It is a hard one to beat on your own. See what is available okay ask your doctor or the hospital and see what connections they have in the community to get you help
  3. fath86

    fath86 New Member

    Hi there AloneInTheDark, sorry to hear that you are going through a rough time. I must say that you have a good start here. Admitting that you are addicted and that you need helps just goes to show that you are ready to turn your life around. Ok, for one re-connect with friends or family that you know can really help you find the help you need. Look for a professional that you feel comfortable with especially talking about your life. For the meantime, right down your thoughts. Look for ways that can divert your attention such as physical activities like sports or anything that you are fond of doing. Right now, the best thing to do is help yourself and not give up because even if people are giving you great advice but you are not doing anything that they are saying then they are just wasting their time helping you. Help you feel better soon and find the help that you really need. Hang in there, there's hope for everyone. :)
  4. lost_child

    lost_child Well-Known Member

    whatever you do, don't go on methdone....with meth you can stil use...you get a double addiction, the withdrawals from meth are worse then heroin. I wish I never went on meth so I took myself off it, I was on 70ml and was being increasd by 5ml everyweek I started on 35ml and they just kept putting me up.....the side effects of meth are evil...i'm off meth now and trying to get on to subotex, with subotex u cant use if you do you won't get the high, and your go into full blown withdrawals.....but you have to be off meth for 3 days, you can have used the day before but not meth....you have to be in withdrawals to start subotex but apprentely you have more chance off getting dark with subotex as well....heroin is evil and i hate that I am addicted to it...its ruined my life, don't let it ruin urs if you can..if your in the UK, as you have been in prison you can access a organisation called DIP (drugs intervention programme), google it...I was seeing them and if I was allowed to continue I would have been ok, but I moved and messed up.
  5. Kaos General

    Kaos General Well-Known Member

    Ok whereabouts in the UK are you based? I was on heroin for 9 years and have been clean now for the past 2.

    If you want a detox first port of call is your GP because you will need a case worker to secure funding for the detox and subsequent rehab.

    If you want treatment which is long term then a place such as turning point would be the best place for you to go.

    If you are based in london let me know and i will put you in touch with all the people you will need. But believe me if i was you go to detox and rehab as soon as you can because treatment such as subutex or methadone is 100 times worse to come off than heroin itself. I was on 135ml of it, got down to 35ml in 8 weeks and 2 more weeks of coming off the 35 ml and 8 months of hell afterwards.

    Subutex is well lethal. Only ever use that if you yourself know your never gonna touch heroin again. People withdrawal instantly because of the natraxalone in it and use more because they are rattling, before they know it they have overdosed.

    You also have the beta blockers but be warned your legs will hurt and you wont sleep.

    Be warned coming off heroin is gonna hurt like hell and will take a lot out of you physically and emotionally.
  6. TJ

    TJ Staff Alumni

    hey there , i wasnt addicted to the neddle , however i was addicted to opiates and know what ur going thru , ive been clean for almost a year , it was hard but ive done it and im willing to help u in any way that i can , i posted my story on this part of the forum a few days ago to try and help others see that there is hope in recoverying from addiction , feel free to read it , and if i can help in anyway just let me know , take care
  7. freedom

    freedom Well-Known Member

    finding a drug worker and as much support from as many different sources as possible will let you spread the load so to speak. look on as many forums and drug info websites as you can, knowledge is power. heroin is a beast in itself, but one anyone can defeat if they truely want it enough. getting away from the lifestyle and all associations is often a huge step in the right direction, but you can't let up, you have to maintain that attitude keep at it. that's what i mean by you have to want to get off it enough, you have to dedicate alot of time and effort. don't belittle yourself or allow others to. be strong
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  8. freedom

    freedom Well-Known Member

    btw methadone has been a big help for me, but it depends alot on the person whether or not it's going to to be of much help. i'm not sure what people given it generally think of its usefulness, out of the people i know who have been or are on it the main two factors seem to all be down to how ready you are to stop using and how 'clean' an environment you can give yourself. i've had to cut out most of the 'friends' i had and isolate myself somewhat, but keeping busy and talking to people has been the biggest help. the town library and internet there has been a lifeline. seek drug support workers and such similar groups as much as possible if you haven't already. i know two people who have had great success with subutex and naltrexone (spelling?) detoxing through local drug support groups. we're not near a city or large town here, so you don't necessarily need some big well funded organisation that'll ship you off all over the place. have faith in yourself, keep talking, you CAN do it :)
  9. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni


    Welcome back.. I haven't been online for the past 2 years or so either so it's good to come back and see a post from you. Im sorry to hear that you've been in prison and that you're struggling with heroin addiction though.

    If you look at the NTA website - http://www.nta.nhs.uk/ - you may be able to do a search for your local area and see what NHS services are available to you. Most Substance Misuse services have a waiting time target of seeing a client within 3 weeks from time of referral, so you should be seen relatively quickly. And depending on the agency you should be able to refer yourself although they will most likely need to contact your GP to let them know you're in treatment with them.

    I hope that you're able to get the help you need and deserve.. there are lots of substitute drugs available on prescription that can help in coming off heroin, so i hope you're able to find the right one for you with the right support to go with it too.

  10. kobie76

    kobie76 Well-Known Member

    Hi, Ive been a heroin addict for over 14years (im 35 now), I stopped using on the 19th Jan last year but relapsed in July. I stopped using again at the start of November and have not used since (over 9 weeks ago), although im still on Methadone (45ml).
    First of all you need to get some professional help, I would definitely try Subutex BEFORE trying methadone for the reasons allready mentioned, but Subutex is not right for everybody because you have to be ready stop using and stop for at least 24-48 hrs before starting to take them, plus its takes a further day before they start to work. In my case I could not take them because I would heave & throw up while they were dissolving under my tongue (this may have been due to the cold turkey).
    Different people have different views on Methadone, for me I could not have stopped using without it. The advantages are that you can take Meth to stabilize your life until you are 110% ready to stop, in my case this took many years but I was able work full-time, & just use what I could afford to rather than what I would have needed to if I wasn't on Meth. In the end I could no longer use because of the state of my veins, I also started to get abscesses (I didn't want to go back to smoking it). It is hard to get off Meth but if done by reducing slowly it is bearable ( I did it before I relapsed & I reduced quite fast).
    I live in Worcestershire, UK & the drug services are good although you will still have a wait to get on Subutex/Meth, this may be fast-tracked as you've been in prison.
    If you need any help or advise please feel free to PM me, all the best in beating this,
  11. Kaos General

    Kaos General Well-Known Member

    Dude i feel for you, i used to live in worcester, and i know from experience that it takes an age to get any kind of help in the form of subutex/methadone so much so i left and moved to london
  12. steveoh

    steveoh Active Member

    go to a detox, but dont talk to doctors they will just tell you a bunch of shit that makes you feel like your different, anyone who does it for a long enough time will get addicted, get clean from the opiates, try to stay clean from all drugs but now a days it seems very hard, smoke weed if anything, i found studying about the end of the world and jesus, and the secret society is very interesting and is almost like tripping, in a mind way, just be smart make opiates a limit, just like wanting to stealing something but knowing the consequences
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