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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Swollen, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. Swollen

    Swollen Active Member

    Mods: I'm really not sure where to put this at all. Please move it to the appropriate place. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience.

    I contracted herpes at a very, very young age. I was, to say the very least, abused as an infant/toddler/child and will always have to live with the virus I've contracted from such.
    My outbreaks have usually not been so severe, thankfully, and they always were far spaced out--sometimes going a year or more in between.
    Lately I've been having some outbreaks though. They are getting worse and worse it seems.

    I'm too afraid to try the prescription medication for outbreaks. The side effects include very scary things like seizures and death (which I would assume would be long and painful after becoming senile/delirious).

    I was wondering if anyone can help?
    Does anyone know what can relieve the pain, at least?

    It's so bad to say but I'm really considering killing myself now. I then won't have to deal with this sort of crap. If death doesn't come, I'm also considering removing parts of my flesh that suffer from the virus. It's driving me completely insane. It is a constant reminded of my past.

    If it just didn't hurt so much maybe I could cope or something.
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    Sometimes I think that people join SF to 'take the piss'.

    I'm sorry if you're genuine. It just seems that it's always a new person making threads like this..
  3. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    If you are genuine then I suggest you seek professional advice. We're not doctors on here.
  4. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    ^ If you check Swollen's previous posts, you'll see they aren't here to 'take the piss' :smile:

    Swollen, I'm really sorry that you've been abused, and that you're suffering these problems on top of the emotional distress.. :sad: :hug:
    I really do suggest seeing your doctor about this. Perhaps there are alternatives to the medication you've been prescribed?
    Can I ask which medication you've got for the outbreaks now?

    I'm sorry I can't be of any further help, but I'm around if you want someone to listen :hug:

    Once again, please go see your doc and tell them you're 'not too fond' of the side effects. They could maybe prescribe different meds :dunno:

  5. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    I made an assumption based on this thread, I don't really look back at previous posts :smile:

    Anyway, I made a second reply with more helpful advice.
  6. Swollen

    Swollen Active Member

    Actually, I've been around since...I think September of 2007...maybe *maybe* August, but I'm not entirely sure. I simply just do not post often.

    I'm sorry I came off as some sort of fake.

    Really, the outbreaks are driving me completely insane. I feel like a complete freak.

    I thought maybe...just maybe...someone here could say they suffer the same and could offer some sort of advice.

    I'm sorry for making it seem like I was some sort of jokester. I really didn't mean to come off that way. :sad:
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  7. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry :hug:
  8. neutral

    neutral Well-Known Member

    The doctors may be able to give you anti viral medicine that could reduce frequency or intensity of the attacks. Not all of the meds have terrible side effects.

    Think about the following rule....
    Your herpes condition VS possible side effects

    Also a good diet and exercise may improve your immune response.

    Stress and fatigue can make things worse, so rest when possible and relax (Easer said than done).

    See a doctor as they should be able to give advise and treatment.
  9. Hi Swollen. I hope that you are able to find some help for your symptoms. I miss talking with you though. You can pm to me at any time. Take care. :hug:
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