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Herro :3

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by French, Sep 25, 2013.

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  1. French

    French New Member

    I'm going to test and edit after this cause the last few times I have posted have not worked
  2. French

    French New Member

    Okay now the edit option has disappeared--lol XD so basically I am just a college student who feels really stuck :/

    I have been very isolated in the last year, and it has felt like an eternity. I am afraid I spent too much time in my head trying to sabotage myself so I am like an insect in a spider web, everywhere I try to move it's terrifying so I just stay in my room as much as I can. Everything I read that tries to make me feel better about my past decisions just makes me feel worse because they were 100% callous. I have really messed up a lot of great opportunities in my life so I feel like going forward is not worth it/ I am not smart enough to deal with it anymore. I just keep sinking into oblivion because nothing makes me feel good anymore, except for drugs which ultimately make things worse.

    I almost attempted suicide the other night, I had a note written and everything but I grabbed my phone to put on music and got a text about something I needed to do right away, something always keeps me around, but I still feel suicidal every day.
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  3. French

    French New Member

    oh and for the record I am not actually French!! I just love studying the language :D
  4. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Hi and welcome!

    With editing posts, they can only be edited up to an hour after they're posted; then the edit button disappears.

    I hope you find help and support here.
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