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He's gone.

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My name is Jennifer. My husband was the man who you know as Dark Vortex or maybe Dustin. He took his life last Saturday, the 30th. I know he spent a lot of time on this website and I thought that it would be the right thing to do and let all of ya'll know. He drove his car into a tree. The police say it was an accident, but he told me a couple of weeks ago he was thinking of going that way for insurance reasons. I'm sorry to have to tell everyone and I hope this doesn't upset anybody. But for all of the people that are thinking of doing it, DON'T! You're family and friends love you.

:ohmy: :ohmy: Oh no! I am so sorry for your loss, I didn't know him well but he seemed to be a very sweet person. I'll pray for him. :cry:




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I am so sorry for your loss, and am grately appreciative of your kindness and grace, telling us at this time...please let us know if we can be there for you...there are many members who are family/friends of persons who have died, providing support for each other...again, my deepest condolences...Jackie
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