He's trying to steal my life!!!!!

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    My ex of three years is going out of his way to hurt me. He ran off with my friend's 15 year old sister and now he's takign my friends away :'(

    He deliberately organises big get togethers without me and is SO polite to my "friends" and now they all associate with him more than me because I can't stand to be around his fucking homewrecking girlfriend.

    I know what he's really like and he only seems to want to talk to people I was once good friends with.

    I can't go out to places without bumping into him!

    I've got a new set of friends from college but I miss my old mates at times but they're always fucking around with Luke! After all I went through with that break-up they still think he's a decent person.


    I keep thinking about killing myself to teach this fucks a lesson in messing with someone's head like that.

    You want my life so badly Luke? WELL FUCKING TAKE IT AS I'M DYING ANYWAY.
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    As hard as it is ..what you are going through. Losing friends to him ..well if they are acting like this.they were never true friends to begin with.

    Personally if he is making your life miserable, then don't give him the satisfaction of taking your life.

    If you need to talk please stay safe and stay here and talk to us. Be safe and kind to yourself. Those new friends you have made, stick close to them.

  3. A_pixie

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    I just don't know why people treat me badly, sure I'm a little different but that's no excuse to hurt someone!

    When enough people treat you badly they practically invite suicidal thoughts into your head.

    I need a break from all the bullshit, I want people to stop being horrible to me if they knew my fucking life was at stake would they stop? Probably not.

    Even simple things such as replying to a text, an email etc apparently thats FAR to much to ask for from the ****s I call friends.

    If I ended up in hospital fighting for my life maybe people would understand you just can't bully people!!!!!