hey does anyone know a good alternative anti depressant?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Shock, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Shock

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    hey, so im kinda running outta ideas here lol...ok brief over view: been depressed goiing on 5 years now. seen about 6 councillors, 4 doctors, 2 psychiatrists, and a naturapath while i have tried several different types of antidepressants (prozac, zoloft, lexapro, efexor and sertraline) as well as natural antidepressants such as fish oil, saint johns wart, ginseng and remotiv. also have tried guided meditation, sports psychology and narrative therapy.

    has anyone tried something other then these that has worked for them? id love to hear other peoples ideas and experiances. i think that there probably is a cure but i havent found the one that works for me yet

  2. ~Claire

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    Good question!

    I have been on a few meds but didn't feel that any of them done me any good (prozac was prob the best though).

    When I spoke to my GP he said as long as I wasn't getting any worse without them then he didn't see the point in trying me with anymore as they weren't exactly helping me to get better.

    He also suggested exercise was a good way to lift your mood...I haven't tried that one yet.
  3. ranman

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    I've tried the ones you listed and then some. I'm currently taking Tofranil a tricyclic from the '50s. Look it up on wikapedia they call it the gold standard.
  4. mortdesinos

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    Have you been diagnosed with spoiling yourself yet? I think the cure is running out of money. Going to another doctor might do the trick.
  5. nedflanders

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    Stimulants used for ADD (like Adderall or Ritalin) are fairly effective in treating depression that doesn't respond to standard antidepressants.
  6. Shock

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    haha they just put me on that one now
  7. Shock

    Shock Well-Known Member

    what do you mean by 'been diagnosed with spoiling yourself', outofthepicutre? haha ive already run out of money anyway. sucks being a student and having all these associatied bills, but id rather part with what little money i have then deal with this shit much longer
  8. Insignificant

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    i was just started on nortriptoline which is an old one. i think it's helping some, but then again i do electric shock treatments so kind of hard to totally tell.
  9. Shock

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    wow electric shock treatment. does that help much?
  10. Shock

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    HEY an apdate: i just took some Tricyclic Dothep, and fuck does that screw with you! i took one pill and half an hour later my body started to act like it wa drunk. my mind was fine but my body was just loose and uncorodinated. unlucky i was away from home and had to drive back. couldnt drive! had to stop a few times and obnly went at 30ks and hour back. and now im back everythings gone euphoric. fucking trippy and still feeling these 'highs'. dont think i can take them anymore cuase i have to work and function to earn a living. but christ, nothing else has ever hit me so hard in such a weird way asides from e... er... other pills.

    i feel like taking two more right now.....lets face it...not much to lose:biggrin:

    any one else had this reponse before?
  11. bluegrey

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    I have gotten tremendous and lasting relief from ECT in the past. I need another round of it right now but it takes between two weeks to a month (three treatments per week) and in my experience the headaches were severe but a better alternative to immobilizing despair.

    I am putting the treatment off because I hate being confined on a psychiatric ward with it's attendant severe rules and constraints. I also have terrible insomnia on a psychiatric ward and because I'm very shy, dealing with the group activities and constant involuntary social contact is straining.

    For what its worth I find long aimless bicycle rides very life affirming and I'm sure the exercise is helping produce some antidepressant effects in the rice pudding between my ears :wink:. Good luck!