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Hey Everyone - I'm New

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I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I was posting unregistered under the name 'no-name' because I was having aproblem getting registered but one of the Admins kindly fixed the problem for me. I'm so relieved.

uh...anyway I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm in pain, struggling, dealing with depression so I'm so glad that I found this wonderful site :smile:
Hello, and welcome to SF, I am glad you found this wonderful site too! I am looking forward to seeing you around, I am here if you need to talk, anyway, I am a good listener, having problems myself, but I'm here, if you would like to chat or need a listener. Take care of yourself.... :hiya: :hug:


heya me33...im new also....been lookin for a site with others in the same state of mind as myself...hope this was a good idea


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:welcome: me 33 :) . Happy you could register. Hope you will receive the help and support youre looking for. Feel free to pm me anytime .Hope to see you some time in chat :biggrin:
Love, Beret
Welcome to SF

Im glad you managed to get registered, as i saw your no-name posts yesterday :smile:

I hope to see you around :smile:

Take care



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Hi there and welcome to SF :)

I'm glad that you found us and that the issue with your account is sorted.. :flowers:

I look forward to seeing you around, in the meantime please take care of yourself

Jenny xx
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