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Hey Everyone...

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Hey my names Alan, im here cause i dont know if i want to liveanylonger. because im tired of all the things important to me in my life keep getting taken away. im sorry if this isnt to in depth im not sure what to say :( but anyway ask me any question and ill be happy to answer them.


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Hi Alan, welcome to the forum.:smile: I'm sorry to hear that you feel like you don't want to live anymore, but fortunately, feelings can change. I used to feel like that, and sometimes I still do, but I'm working on improving my life and my circumstances, and I get lots of loving help from my friends here.:smile: We are good listeners and would like to listen to you and extend a helping hand - as far as that can be done in cyberspace.:smile:

Please feel welcome to post what's bothering you in whatever forum seems appropriate. Again, welcome!:smile: :smile:



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Hey Alan,

Welcome to SF.

I am sorry that you are currently feeling so low, but hopefully you will find that the people here will support you, and also, that you are no longer alone.

If you ever want to chat, then feel free to PM me

Hang in there

jane doe

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hi and welcome to the forum. here you can speak freely so don´t hesitate in post your feelings because here we don´t judge anyone. i hope to see you around and if you ever need to tak just pm me ok? take care


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A little late but welcome from me too!!!!Dont feel theres a certain amount you should or shouldnt say here = just feel free to go at your own pace.i hope to see you around!

Take care
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