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  1. Aarongeepee

    Aarongeepee New Member

    Heya guys. before i start ranting just wanted to say good job on the site..im sure this helps so many people with thier problems.

    I found this site because i feel my life is going backwards. i had a shit few years wich started when i left school at 16. im 19 now, 20 in august. we dont know when my depression started but i think it was around 17th cause of some stuff that happened. past year has been amazing for me, i found some great friends, what i thought was a good job and actually got out the house more than once every three months. Before i found the job i used to play a online rpg game wich i think i became slightly dependant on, used to just delve in on it and forget about EVERYthing it was great, but not healthy considering how much i played it.

    I went from depending on this game, to devoting all my time to my job, it was my friends who alerted me to this. i was doing around 70-80 hour weeks in a kitchen from not working a day in my life. it was my friends and family who i feel very lucky to have right now who told me that they think its unhealthy what i was doing, i started to realise this as i was not going out anymore and was a total wreck whenever i wasnt at work. Anyway more to the point..now i left that kitchen job and am working on a bar. i love the social side of it but im not the most confident person and i make mistakes wich i am really concious of and hard on my self also.

    I tried to kill my self 2 times a few years ago (i have no sense of time) and still self harm even to this day..admitidly not as bad as i did once before but its still not healthy and i know it. i dunno why i do it. anyway now i quit this job, im only doing about 35-40 hours a week. the hours are quite hard getting out of work late most nights. with all this free time i feel myself slipping back into my old ways. i dont have the drive for work, keep thinking whats the point? i was sitting at my pc tonight with my bottle of jd and a cocktail of pills thinking what to do. advice plz k

    Sorry for my rant..
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  2. Aarongeepee

    Aarongeepee New Member

    dw ignore me
  3. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    You aren't being ignored. Please give people time to reply. This forum is large with numerous threads and posts. Replies will not be instantaneous. I am glad to hear you have backed off on the amount of hours you put in at work and aren't gaming like you were before. It sounds as though yopu may have obsessive or addictive tendencies based on how you are able to get lost ibn what you are doing and don't seem to notice what you are missing out on if it is not pointed out to you. Just because you are not putting in all those hours does not mean you can't have other things you do. maybe join a gym and work out, plan a time daily for walks, volunteer somewhere, learn to do something new. there are a variety of things you can do to occupy your free time so it doesn't become down time. Do you have any hobbies? I hope this helps a little at least. If I think of something else I will post later. In the meantime, stay safe and welcome to the forum. :hug:
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