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hey im new

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hey im new here...my names Sean...i really dont know what i can say without getting judged so...i guess ill just tell you all who i am...im 18 i live in oregon i go to Crescent Vally high school...and am kindda popular...i wouldnt be if people knew how i think...i think thats why i came here....


welcome to the forum and I hope that you stick around and grace us with your presence...


Hey there and welcome. No need to be shy around us, just let the words flow out of your mouth..

Hope to see you around


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Welcome to the forum Sean,
You dont need to worry about what you say and people judging you because thats something we try not to do.

I hope you can find the support and help you need here,
Take care, Allo _%
Welcome Sean. You shouldn't be judged here based on what you have to tell us about yourself. We are a pretty open group of people. :hug:
Hey Sean.

Welcome to SF, don't feel that you may be judged, SF is not the type of place where that would happen. We all have a past, we are all different, remember that :wink:

Bye bye x

jane doe

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welcome!! you won´t be judge here by anyone, if you need to let it all out, just do it, and if you need to talk with someone i´m here just pm me. take care:)
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