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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by suicidalagenda, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. suicidalagenda

    suicidalagenda New Member

    Hey I am a 17 year old boy from Norway feeling depressed and I don't want to live anymore. Any suggestions to the best ways to take ones life? happy for response
  2. tired eric

    tired eric Member

    You are 17, there is so much life left for it to get better. The teenage years are the worst for many. You literally are at an age where the future is yours, which most people your age cannot see. Hang in there and live each day for today.
  3. suicidalagenda

    suicidalagenda New Member

    Well that is easy to say for you, what I am asking is different methods of commiting suicide, cheap and simple and as painless as possible thank you, I am just sick of it all. No one has got any answers it's always: "It will get better", "You hang in there", "you are too young there's a lot in life for you". Making me sick, they are just following the book and the book is written by a theory man not an experienced one.
  4. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    Hey suicidalagenda,

    It seems like you have thought of suicide even before trying to figure out how you can come about your problems. I suggest you to tell everyone more about what problems are you facing in life. Maybe you can write it down in the welcome thread so that everyone can see it. I guess it is here that we find help, it is really helping me a lot now. If this forum doesn't exist, I don't think I will go on for long. Feel free to share your feelings with someone you are comfortable with.

    Btw :welcome: to SF...
  5. ybt

    ybt Guest

    Many people don't want to hear "you have so much ahead of you".

    Anyway, the forum is pro-life strictly and we won't tell you how to die.
  6. Kozuka

    Kozuka Member

    I'm 17 aswell and have felt suicidal quite awhile. Yeah, yeah so young and have a life ahead me, but to be honest don't give a shit. Never liked my life anyway.

    But 'nuff about me. This ain't right place to ask that...There's sites/guides all over internet, but sorry can't tell ya where exactly though.

    I'll leave that usual bullshit: you are so young...you don't know about life anything yet...you are just attention seeker, 'cause it isn't helping at all really...

    Maybe you should try to do something you wouldn't never dare to...afterall you don't have anything to lose...
  7. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    Well I'm 18 now, but have been suicidal for about 5 years...why havent I done it? I dont have the courage or have been pushed enough. Teenage years are shitty, things may improve, and that's why we have to stay vigil. And we cannot tell you how to end your life, we're here to support you living. :hug:
  8. allofme

    allofme Staff Alumni

    as stated this is a pro life site.. so no info on ways to ..... i am not a teen and i dont have my whole life ahead of me... through out all the crap i have endured i can honestly say i guess i am glad my attempts failed.. i cant say i am "happy" now but the horrible hopeless .. drowning feeling has gone... and rarely shows up.. i have learned to redirect my thoughts and i even laugh sometimes... thing is if i had not "hung in there" i would not know that i did not have to die in tourment and dispair... i know that words do little when we are feeling so physically, mentally and spiritually wounded so i wont blah blah blah them at you... however i do know from experience that when it is all said and done.. you deserve to die with a smile on your face knowing that the good out weighed the bad... unfortunetly we sometimes have to walk through a lot of crap before we come to the good stuff... i hope you see it through....
  9. gitana

    gitana SF Friend & Antiquitie's Friend Staff Alumni

    Daniel, I am glad you found us here! I know and completely understand how sick and tired you feel.. sure easy for anybody who has responded to you here, as you say, but really NOT so!

    First, Daniel, I need to tell you this is a pro life site and we do not discuss any methods here, or help anybody to find a way or even give suggestions to anyone. So, if you are looking for a place like that, it won't be us.. However, I really hopethat you will us a chance first.. I mean, what do you have to lose by sticking around... We all have been there and understand.. and can relate to you.. I don't want you to give up.. Believe me, I know, how difficult it is, to give in, give up, and everything is deeply hopeless around you.. I hate it when people say, yeah, it will get better, or other remarks.. NO, wrong answer.. and you are not attention seeking.. at all.. the fact that you came here and writing to us, you are trying to reach out somewhere within your soul, because you are in too much pain.. there is that little itty bitty piece you aren't aware of..

    Second, we are here because Robin, seeing a need for a pro life site to help those who are suicidal or need someone to talk to, are here because he started this site and cared enough to get this site up because when one is in a "suicidal trance" as they call it.. I learned later.. heartbroken, can't tke it anymore, severely depressed, etc. he wanted to do something different than the other sites I visited.. And one good thing is that nobody can terminate their membership here... yeah, you can walk away if you want, but just know that we are here to reach out to you, care about you, walk you through your pain, and more.. lean on us, give us a chance.. We are here because we care.. maybe you don't.. and I know how that feels.. WE DO!!

    I found this place by "accident" after my seriously numerous attempts in the past and when I came here I was very suicidal. I can't tell you that it will get any easier at all. Technically, I shouldn't be alive but because of this forum and the people here or were here helped me walk through alot because that is all I understood.. when I finally ended up in hospital several times and in ICU.. Yes, I was very angry.. I don't understand why I am still here. I really shouldn't be. I can only say finding SF has helped me make it this far in my life. I use to never think first or talk to anybody, I would just do it.. Now, I come here and involved as I am up to it and right now I am going through some very extremely difficult time.. and yeah.. I would love to give in.. but now I come here first.. talk to someone.. because remember I use to never talk to anybody about it.. and now I come here first..

    Third, Daniel, there is never a "cheap and simple" way to do it.. especially with no pain involved. I have lost many people in my life, no matter what age, no matter if illness, accidents, etc.. but 9 were people very close to me who suicided. My best friend ever, 24.. I could share with her everything in my life and trust her with all my life.. secrets.. the only best true friend I ever had in my life who helped me walk through the deepest darkness I ever felt.. and a month later, my boyfriend, of 7 years, in a motorcyle accident... That year I went to 5 funerals in 4 months.. the other people I lost were to suicide were 2 close relatives, and close friends.. at different times.. Friends would jokingly say that , "well, I don't know if I want to be around you, because you have lost too many people in your life.. kidding.. but not really a joke. I had tremendous lost since I was 5..

    Fourth, Daniel, ( I like the name Daniel) I also have had other friends, acquaintances, who have attempted.. and didn't go very well.. Just because one may shoot themself, and exactly where.. doesn't mean that the person won't survive.. We don't think of these things when we want to just end the pain is really what one wants.. I know alot of horror stories, and I won't share them and other people I know personally who attempted.. I mean if it was so simple.... many people wouldn't be here today.. and there is alot of pain that is involved.. for the most part.. There is no simple cheap way to do it... I know you may not want to hear this at all.. But so true, I have experienced it and with other people I know personally..

    Do you have anybody in your life? family? I know it must bug you alot for people to say , "you are too young and have alot to live for or go for.." I know.. they don't understand..

    Are you seeing anybody? A therapist (T) or psychiatrist(pdoc) who cares? Sometimes one may need meds because of chemical imbalance in the brain..
    You may not think that your family will care if something happens to you, and at your age, alot of teens, have problems with family, parents.. too..

    Can you feel to trust us a little more and elaborate on what is so painful that you want to end your life? Or whomever you feel that you can talk to here.. You don't have to talk or say anything.. maybe take some baby steps.. takes awhile to build up trust.. Just know that we are here because we have all been there.. and understand.. I can't promise you an easy road at all.. I struggle sometimes still.. this has been my lifeline.. Please please, give us a chance to help walk you through your pain, be there for you, talk to someone, you will make wonderful true friends here.. unbeliveably.. that you can really relate to at your age.. Please , Daniel, don't do anything right now.. just hang on..there is always another day, another time.. just not now. Okay??????

    Many hugs********** Glad you are here!!!



    PS: You can PM me anytime too if you want.. Please keep trying to hang in there.. a day, a second at a time..
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  10. liveinhope

    liveinhope Well-Known Member

    why not give SF a try for a while before reaching any major decisions alot of the guys here are your age and are going through a lot of trauma to they will as i do underdstand those feelings and not judge you for having them. They can help you through this if you will give them a chance. Take Care hun:unsure:
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