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hey, new here.

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Hey, i'm Dani.
I'm not exactly one to seek support as my stubborn "I'll be fine in an hour" notion usually prevails in the dos and donts of it all. But this seems like a welcoming place and something I could perhaps see giving me some solace.

I'm 17 (going on 18 in April) and live in south east Victoria in Australia. Music is my love as well as the arts in general. I play guitar and sing in bands and such, do some contraversial/unconvential/etc caractures and exagerated cartoon work for a magazine (or atleast waiting to hear back from them) in Melbourne. I love red wine and alternative atire. I'm vegetarian by moral reasons. I love to have as best a time as I can in any situation, though of course this can be easily hindered, otherwise I wouldn't have a reason to be here.

I'm not really sure what to write here. It takes me years just to spill my guts to some of my most deep and cherished friends. Do I just "spill it"? I have no idea.
I get quite random and severe mood swings often. Have fun for quite a number of years now, which I feel quite stupid saying so being not even 18 yet. But who's to decide when these things happen? Certainly not a psychology degree or optimistic parent. Finally i've decided to go see someone whom I have an appointment with in 3 weeks. It wasnt my idea but I wasnt cohersed either. I cut myself on and off, not something i'm particuarly proud of, and I know it doesnt help, but it does.
I turned to drugs 3 years ago thinking maybe it would do something. anything but how i was feeling. That whole "lose yourself in order to find perspective" concept. You feel it's working until you slip into a dependence.
It's not like I was messed up around everyone, you know, shooting up around the backyard of a party or drinking my wine with shroom-juice or anything. I kept it away from people all the same. Not that I'm saying i was shooting, just example.

This is really hard you know, I don't know what to write. I'm just gonna leave it at this...
Sorry if it wastes your time to read
Cheerio =]


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Welcome to the forum Dani,
You're welcome post was actually really good.. It gave us a bit of an insight to you which some people dont do..

Hopefully I'll get the chance to get to know you,
If you ever need someone to talk to or anything at all, I'm here.

I hope you find what you're looking for,
Ally _%
Hey there and welcome to the forum... nice to see another aussie. I love music too and play piano... I can play guitar too but I'm not that great at it lol.

And hey, look at it this way - at least you wrote a welcome post... I never really did hahah.. if I did now I dont think it would be counted as a hello really heh... hope to see you around =)



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:welcome: to SF Dani. It is nice to see another musician on board. you will find many of us here. Thank you for sharing about yourself. I hope you find a few new friends here. take care. :)


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Welcome to the site Dani!:smile: I"m not a musician but come from a family of them - dad and daughter. I'm sure you'll make lots of caring friends here.:smile:


jane doe

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welcome to the forum, here you´ll find the support you are looking for, i´m a cutter too and i want to make you know that you aren´t alone here, you can write to me whenever you want. i´m not too much around now because of my work but i´m trying to make some time to be here more often. i hope to see you around take care( i know how hard it is)
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