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hey ppl

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no point

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I post on this forum before but I just realized I still haven't introduced myself. I'm 24. I still live with my parents. Hopefully, I will move out soon though. Other than that, I go to work. I don't get out much as I'm not in the mood for it in the past couple of months.

I think this forum is great. I have been a member for a while but I haven't post much. I have read a lot of the other posts and it's great how ppl can help each other. It's also great to see that there are so many ppl like me out there.

I live in a non English speaking country so I'm sorry that my English is not so well.


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Your english is fine - I have no trouble understanding you. Please feel free to post here anytime you need love and support - we're good at giving both.:smile:


:welcome: to SF nopoint. I am glad to see you posted a little bit about yourself. Don't worry about your English. I am perfectly able to understand what you have to say. :hug:

jane doe

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hi and welcome to the forum, as you´ve seen we all try to help each other here so don´t hesitate in pm me(i´m sorry for my english too by the way). Take care;)


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im English and live in the UK but im sorry for my English and lack of typing skills sometimes too!!!!You dont need to apologise though!!Yours is great and puts me to shame!!!!!

Anyhow welcome to the forum.im glad youve looked around a bit.We are here for you and also if you ever want to tak privately please do feel free to PM [private message] me anytime you like.

i hope to see you around.

Take care and best wishes for now
Hi there, and welcome to the forum. As everyone else has said, your English looks perfectly fine to me - we can understand you and what you have to say, and thats all that matters. Hope to see you around.

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