Hey there.

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  1. I'm a french guy so... yeah, be gentle on the english grammar.

    I should care less of what you`re thinking, right?
    I need space to express myself so.. that's why I register. I was looking for pro-suicide forum. I found this one.

    I feel there's no hope in my life. Today, I`ve been refused from my dream job as graphical designer in a gay magazine. I work in a call center and I can`t bare it anymore. But quitting, in my financial state is like suicide.

    But yeah. Work is only one part of life, right? I don't know... I`m single and will be for a long time. I'm transsexual. Female to male. And gay, thank you very much. Nobody wants a guy like me, without a dick.

    I try to improve my life but that's not easy. I can`t bare to be single all my life but i feel that what is going to happens. I can`t bare neither to return taking calls but I`m going to do it Monday... Love and work are nightmares for me.