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Hey there forum. My name is Oz and i live in australia and im 16. Ive been really depresed the last few months. I have thought about suicide once or twice ive been having troubles with the way people treat me. I get ridiculed alot for being unatratctive. Mostly by females my age. They treat me like a outcast and liek im some demented monster even some guys i know look down on me because of my low popularity. Why do people have to be so mean.I didnt do anything to these people. I keep to myself akot of the time. Yet i still cant walk down the street without girls pretending to vomit or give me dirty looks. Im just over it. :dry:


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hey oz, i know what it's like.

it's a pain in the fuckin arse....people like to be a bunch of shallow pricks. I get comments(negative ones) on how I look every now and then. I used to get them a lot more frequently but I think they gave up and stopped telling me as much. That and the fact that I don't really hang out with many people anymore. What is the definition of "friend" anyway? I don't think I have any. Mum probly thinks that I have a friend, I've known him since primary school, but he doesn't really know anything about me. No one really does. If you know me over the internet, you probly know more than the people in real life lol.

try to avoid people that say the crap.


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in my opinion they are the ones with a problem..They don't want to loose there place in the higharchy of the cool ones..I learned along time ago to not give a shit what other people have to say..I just walk away.. Not that i am a coward..I'm 6'3" and weigh 297lbs.. So I usually intimadate them..They are just ass's that have no place in this world..
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