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Lady Byron

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Okay. I have not posted for about three months. I'm really happy though :biggrin:. And when I say really happy, I mean OVERLY happy. I got back together with my boyfriend today :smile:, and... I HAVE NOT CUT FOR ABOUT THREE MONTHS!!!!!!!! :biggrin:!!!! I am really proud of myself. I have wanted to cut so bad for a long time. But I think I can make it. My life has pretty much sucked though. I mean, I don't have the worst life in the world... but I'm not happy about it. And a lot of the stuff I'm unhappy about I can't fix. The things I can't fix are totally out of my control, but when I do try to take control, my life goes out of control. It's crazy... Anyway, yeah, I thought I needed to get back into the habit of posting again. It helps clear my head sometimes. Oh yeah, I forgot. I still have not told anyone in my family other than my brother, my friend Chey, and my boyfriend that I cut. My boyfriend has been giving me a lot of encouragement since he got back from his treatment. He thinks I should talk to the school counselor. :mellow: I'm not sure I'm ready to talk yet though.

the other guy

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u moght not want to talk, but a counselor might be able to help u in ways that u dont know about. Even if u dont go talk, just think about it, and see how that goes. good job.

Where i live, its very hard to get a counselor to talk to without paying, who can afford that?


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Excellent news! I'm glad things have turned around for you and you are getting support. It wouldn't hurt to keep "thinking" about seeing the councelor. They can be very helpful. It may help to keep things on the right track and help you build that bright future your on the path too.

Helloooo! It's nice to hear from you!
:ohmy: 3 months? That is GREAT, congrats!!! :arms: Keep it up!
I am glad to hear about your bf! YAY! :biggrin:
:hug: :hug: :hug:

Lady Byron

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I know I should talk to a counselor... but I'm not ready. It was hard telling my boyfriend... and that was only like a month ago. I'm not totally ready to go back into the dark right after coming back into the light. Sometimes I try to remember back a couple of months ago when I was so angry, depressed... alone. But then my mind blanks out and I don't really remember anything. I think it's like Freud said, I'm repressing the dark feelings that I once had. I don't want to remember them at all. But yeah, I'm taking everything day by day, one step at a time. That's totally cheesey, but it's what I'm seriously doing.
Oh wow! 3 months!! that's so great!!! wonderful news for sure! You take care, and give yourself a pat on the back, such great work. And remember we are here if you need us. So great when you find people who disapeared are doing good instead of the worries you have about them. Keep it up hun!! :hug: :hug: :hug:


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OMG OMG OMG!!! =D thats so great! and welcome back by the way =P

The counsellor, I think you should keep thinking about it, but ask yourself, Will you ever be ready? I think they would really be able to help you, just keep thinking about it.

Take care and Congrats!
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