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Hey i found this website while looking for methods on how to end my life, the idea of it helped me at the time and i was hoping that joining and talking to people on here would help me in the long run.
I kno it sounds typical but the reason im here is because my boyfriend of 2 years and i broke up. i had depression for 4 years prior to meeting him and when we got together everything just went away, i relyed on him for everything, he was my rock, my backbone. but i guess it all got too much for him, i put too much pressure on him and couldnt stop because he was the only one i knew that could make everything ok. so now he just wants to b friends for a while, he says he needs some freedom which is understandable considering how damanding i am of him. but the thing is that just b4 we broke up i found out that he had been lying to me about things for about 6 months...so y do i still love him? and y do i want to die if hes not by my side? and y do i keep putting pressure on him even tho i kno how difficult i make things for him? i just wish we could start all over again and that we could b together for the rest of our lives. i give him everything, i love him wit every part of me....i wish he could understand that i dont want to go on with my life unless he is mine. :sad:


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Hi, and welcome to the forum :)

I joined here because of a breakup with my girlfriend ..... and I'm still here now, 15 months on :)

Take care, hope to see you around :hug:



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:welcome: to SF. I am glad you found us and are willing to share about yourself and let us give you support. Breakups are hard and so many questions remain unanswered. I hope you are able to come to terms with what your bf has done and move on. Maybe there is someone even more fitting for you around the bend. Take care and chin up. :hug:

jane doe

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hi i´m not an old member but i wanted to give you my welcome. Besides i just wanted to tell you that i´m always ready to listen so pm me if you need it.
Thanx to all u guys for replying to my post! im cant believe how supportive everyone here is...im really lucky that i found this instead of what i was really looking for! the situation wit my ex is still the same. we got to hang out yesterday for a few hours which was so awesome for me, i had so much fun and smiled for the first time in a long time. when we were together it was just like we were a couple again, we r so perfect together that it seems not at all logical at all to be apart. so y doesnt he understand that we r meant to b together? it breaks my heart!

thanx again for all ur support! xoxo
what can i do? im going crazy because i cant get my mind off him. i cant stop callin him, thinking about him, tryng to see him...its making it worse! i dnt kno what to do!:sad:


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Hey hi and welcome to the forum.

i am sorry that you are finding things tough right now.i dont know what to suggest that you could do instead of thinking about him constantly etc.i guess that could be hard to manage some of the time right now [hopefully this may ease up with time] but perhaps you could prepare yourself with a list of possible distractions and then turn to these at times the going gets particuarly tough.You may also want to look at the distractions parrt of this forum as there are some good 'fun' threads specifically there to distract people.Many of them contain games or light talking [i cant remember the name of the section of the forum but there is a section here - sure youll spot it!]] or distractions or other things that people found helped them.

Sorry ive not been very helpful to you but i hope that things improve for you soon.i juust wanted to say welcome and let you know i read your posts.

Take care


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I also found this site while searching the web for 'methods'.:sad: I thought it 'accidental' at the time but now realize I was meant to come here. I was at my lowest point in years but found here the love and support and friendship that kept me alive. Now I'm an active member and feel best about myself when helping others. I still have my bad moments/days, but when I do, I come here - the support and love is enough to sustain me thru the darkest times. Welcome to the forum!:smile: I'm sure you'll find the same love and support as I did.:smile:

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