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Hey.. I dont really know what to say, first time i joined a thing like this.. :tongue: Yeah, so Hellloooo.. i have been a 'cutter' for a year now, just though i needed to get some help. I stopped for like a month then i started again.. and im covered in scars, like.. on my legs and arms, this is weird telling like people who i err... dont know, i have never really told anyone about it.. So yeah.. Hello.. Oops forgot to post, did i mention im like crazy ? :smile: Yeah so hello xx

jane doe

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hello someone. i´ve been hurting myself since almost 4 years, so i kinda know how you feel. if you need to talk just pm me at any time. here we all help each other so be free in asking. take care


Well hello there. I am new here aswell but i hope you find your place on this nice looking forum. Until today i had only told 1 person about "the real me", i tell you, it feels good to tell someone about your problems!
Pm me if you want to talk anytime.

Live long and prosper.

jane doe

Well-Known Member
relax if you need to talk i´m here, just pm me ifg you don´t want other people see what you post.it´s really relaxing to let it all aout, you will always find someone who feels like you.
Hello!! welcome to Suicide Forum. I am glaf you ended up here and if you need a friend or someone to talk to don't be shy just message me or add me to MSN or whatever you choose. It's always nice to find more new friends, hang in there and take care hun, I will be seeing you around :hug: :hiya:

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