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Just thought that I better say hey to everyone. Erm….not much to say really…just, yeah, hey. *waves*

I better just tell you a little bit about me, right?

First off, some one told me about this here site, and so, here I am. I don’t really have a lot of friends, most of them, well ALL of them, left me after they noticed me starting to change, they all said I wasn’t the person I used to be. It’s true, I guess. I kept my SI to myself, but I think many people started noticing the cuts and scars.

At the minute, I work part-time in a small book shop, and the rest of the time I look after my grandma when I can.

Apart from me working, I don’t go out at all. I was diagnosed with depression a few years ago after being forced to go the Docs, they put me on medication and what not, but, I couldn’t stand being on them, so I pretended that everything was fine, and I refused to go to the Doctors after that, I made one excuse after another to not go.

A while after, I found myself on other drugs…mainly through friends and that. I was drinking heavily and cutting more or less every night.

Erm..nevermind, pretty long post as it is. And I feel…weird having said all this….heh…


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Hi, welcome to the site :)

It often feels like a weight has been lifted from you, when you've said something you've not told anyone, doesn't it? :)

Glad you found us :)

Take care of yourself, and don't hesistate to ask any questions about the site or anything you're not sure about - we'll be glad to help! :)

Once again, take care :)



Dear Seraphi -- you have friends here. You can talk to us about anything and it helps alot, it's like group therapy. The more you talk, the more you start to learn about yourself actually. Please stay around and get to know the people, they really care and are genuine. When I first came here I was amazed at the total strangers, from all over the world, who reached out to me and offered a shoulder to cry on, or just a willing ear if that was what I needed. I am making a recovery now, trying to put my life back together, just one day at a time. Feel free to PM me if you wanna talk. :wink:

jane doe

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welcome to the forum here you´ll recive care and attention. we all try to help each other. you can speak freely here. whenever you need to talk remember you can pm me hun. take care

jane doe

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welcome to the forum hun, you´ll find caring people here and remember you can speak freely here.i´ve been hurting myself for about 4 years so if you ever need to talk about it or about anything else remember i´m here just pm me. take care
:dance: :welcome: :dance:

Welcome to the forum hun! ;) if you'd like a friend I am sure there are people more than willing to befriend you. I would be honored to be your friend if you'd like hun. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate, I will try my best to help you. :hug: :hug: :hug:
Wow...I wasn't really expecting any one to say hi. Hehe. But thanks everyone for such a nice welcome. Means alot, even if its something so simple.
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