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I'm 15 and male , I have issues but probably not so serious I need suicide but I've tried twice when I was 13 and the thoughts are coming back now. I thought this time I'd get help.

Nice to meet you all


welcome to the forum

i'm glad you found us here!

if you need help, PM me or any of the admin or site buddies

:hug: take care


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Hey nice to meet you and well done for looking for help and support and being brave enough to post!!!!i hope to see you about and wish you well for your journey to happier times.

Take care


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Great to see you came here and are trying to seek out help. I know how hard it can be suffering from depression and to go out and try to fix it, our natural instinct is to just sit back and hope it'll go away or whatever, glad to see your taking a proactive step and hope we can help you out. Welcome! :biggrin:


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Welcome to the forum!:smile: I'm sure you'll make some good friends here who will offer support and listening ears when you need it.:smile:



jane doe

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hi atiri, and welcome to the forum. it´s good for you to look for help. this is a very supporting place, and i hope you feel confortable here. Take care and pm me if you need to talk;)
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