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just thought i'd introduce myself. i already posted in a forum but someone suggested that i post here too! well im just depressed and lonely, very, very lonely. im in 6th form and trying to juggle exams with feeling as terrible as i do is pretty hardgoing. would really like to find some people to talk to. im studying english lit, history and french :) just thought you might like to know....
:welcome: to the forum kate. Sounds like you are busy with studies. I am sure you will find a lot of people to talk with here. Come in to chat and make yourself comfortable.


:smile: Welcome aboard. Wow that's an impressive course load! Cool part is that I'm confident you'll excel. :cool: Again, welcome!


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hey there gal. welcome. cheer up we're here to help u and try and solve our own probs out. welcome to SF hope u feel settled.

love nic
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