Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Lilyrose, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Lilyrose

    Lilyrose New Member

    It seems weird that I'm scared of typing this, I guess signing up here was the first step to accepting something is wrong. I'm not even sure what to say except hello. Part of me thinks that no names and no faces will make talking easier yet the thought of it still makes me feel a bit sick. I want to have hope that I will find myself again in a world of words and strangers yet there is always the fear I've been missing far too long. I just don't want to be lost any more, i don't want to be sad, but I'm afraid that if i lose the sadness there won't be anything left any more.
  2. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    Hi and welcome to SF!
  3. betteroffunknown

    betteroffunknown Well-Known Member

    hey lilyrose welcome to sf and we're really glad to have you here. i hope you will continue to voice what is up for ya cause we're always glad to listen. please take care and hope to see ya around the forum.
  4. *sparkle*

    *sparkle* Staff Alumni

    hello :hug: welcome to sf :shake:
  5. Lilyrose

    Lilyrose New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome :> I'm not really sure where to start with this? Lost in a sea of possibilities.
  6. betteroffunknown

    betteroffunknown Well-Known Member

    start anywhere you'd like and if you would like to pm me feel free to do that too
  7. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    It might seem impossible to sort things out, but joining the forum was a good first step- I think.
    We're non-judgmental here, and I'm sure you may find some like minds with whom you can connect. Stay and talk when you feel lost!
  8. boo

    boo Well-Known Member

    Welcome to sf :welcome:
  9. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I am glad you joined to and i know it all seems overwhelming scarey but know the people here to truly care. Just type how your feeling vent do anything that will help you sort out the thoughts in your head. take care okay glad you reached out for help.
  10. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hey lilyrose, :welcome:
  11. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    :welcome: to the forum. :hug:
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