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Hey! I'm so glad I found this forum.

I feel harassed, rejected, betrayed, and alone. For the past few months, I've been desperately holding on to anything that will keep me from killing myself. My psychologist has me on fluoxetine (let's hope that's as high as it will go :unsure:)

We'll learn and understand each other better as we talk more. I look forward to meeting you!


Hey Winter, welcome to the forum.

There are a lot of nice, considerate people. We're Anti-Suicide and Pro-Life, just to let you know.

You can come here to talk about your problems, and help others or help yourself (by asking other for help).

I'm glad tos ee you have found this forum. I hope you find some help here, and I'm here to help as well.



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Welcome to the forum! alot of us hang out in the chat room if your ever bored and just wanna chill , or you can pm me anytime if you ever need to talk.

I hope you find everyone welcoming and enjoy being here :D
Hi Winter :)

Welcome to SF :) :hug:

As others have said, I hope (and am sure you will ) have a positive experience here and see this site as a place to be safe, and recover :)

Take care



Hi :)

Welcome to the forum :) Hope that you find the friendship and support that you deserve here :) Hope to see you about on the forum or in chat :D




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Hey there and welcome to the forum :)

Glad you found us.. hope that all goes well with the fluoxetine.. how long have you been on it? Sometimes it can take a few weeks for it to kick in..

Anyway, take care and look forward to seeing you around the forum
Jenny x


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Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will find many here who can relate to some of what you are going through and I hope you will find comfort and support here. :hug:

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