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Hey there. As can be obviously noted, I'm new here. I suppose I'll give a brief introduction about myself.

I'm a manager at McDonalds, and a soon to be a manager at a grocery store I work at. I am triple-majoring in Spanish, Japanese, and Computer Information Systems. I am capable of playing the trumpet and piano. Many have said I'm gifted with such things, but truthfully I feel they were talents I worked hard at and earned these talents-just as anyone else could. I have toyed around and made a few compositions here and there, but they aren't really anything I am proud of (yet.)

I have a passion for Japan, it's culture, and but of course the anime. I wouldn't deem myself the anime "otaku", but I have certainly seen a fair share of Japanese animation. I enjoy video games as well. I feel everyone should share my passion for video games, as video games have certainly brought out some of the best parts in me, and they have inspired me on more than one occasion.

I'm not quite sure what else there is for me to say, so if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
Welcome to SF!!
There should be some online video games playing here on SF
So I could kick your ass... Muahahaha....!!!!

....Ok sorry for my odd behaviour :rolleyes:
:welcome: to the Forum :)
You said you like Japanese culture - do you like the music?
Sorry! I found J-Pop on YouTube and have never looked back :laugh:
Anyway, wow. You sound really busy!
I hope you find lots of friendship and support here :)
Take care, and if you need anything feel free to PM me :)



The biggest loser ever to live.
I've noticed there are a LOT of otakus/japanophiles/wapanese on these forums. Very very interesting. Why is that? Don't tell me there's a slight correlation between that and suicide/depression? Sounds stupid huh?

So it seems as though you aren't depressed but you came here to help out others or what?
Hey, Shinigami, thanks for being there for me. I am also into Japanese culture and anime and video games. And I also play the piano.
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