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Well my name is Emmy (Emily) and I've been suffering with mild depression and Social Anxiety Disorder since i was about 11 (well my whole life with the S.A.D.) I'm not really suicidale because I know whatever I put my heart to it WILL happen. I and all of you have a purpose in life. I'm just here to listen to other peoples situations because I've gone through the same stuff. Fighting depression,crying for no reason,getting mad at the world,wishing I wasn't born... the whole 9 yards. I'm here today to say that I'm making a slow progress and you all can too if you work on it. That might sound cheesy but it's true :)

I'm also concerned about my mom who i believe suffers from depression! I keep telling her she needs to get on anti-depressants it would make her feel so much better. She's like my best friends because I only have 1 friend my age. I just want things to be how they use to be with her. I want to go shopping with my mom. I want to see her smile and laugh like she use to. I just want my mom back!

I don't know how to tell her that she needs help. Everyday she complains it's never anything good and I want to hug her and cry. She won't even let me hug her anymore. It's like I've lost my mom and I don't want things to get worse if you know what i mean? She says she's not suicidale but she is sooo depressed. I'm tempted to get her to a phyciatrist (sp?) a.s.a.p. Well thankies for reading this post. and God Bless you all

:welcome: Emmy! Glad you found SF, it is so sweet to want to ome here to help others and lend a shoulder to cry on........I am looking forward to seeing you around and if you need a friend or want to talk, just know I am here. Can't have too many friends and even people that have gotten better needs to talk to someone sometimes.

.:.What you are doing is very comendable.:.




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Hi Emmy! We can always use another optimist here on SF, so I’m happy you’ve joined us. I’m suffering from social anxiety too, and I know very well what a struggle it is. PM me if you feel like talking.



Hey Emmy,

It's lovely to hear thigns are going well for you. And welcome to SF, hopefully we can support you when you need it too.

With regards to your mum, could you maybe write her a letter or something? telling her how much you love her, and how you feel, and how worried you are? A letter, or card, is soemthing she can keep and read over and over, and it might help it sink in that she needs some help.

Good luck and take care
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