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Hi...Im new... obviously... I just came here because i would quite like to fall asleep and never wake up, or i would like to go back about 5 years. Im feeling a bit lost and alone at the moment and it would be nice to know if i am alone or not. Not that i want anyone to feel how I feel. I had a thought that maybe i didnt want to die so i found this... Anyway sorry this isnt really making a lot of sense.... But hi im Hannah nice to meet you :)


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"like to go back about 5 years" sounds like something that would be great for me too :)
And you do make sense, at least i think.
I don't like my life and sometimes i'd rather be dead, but it's because i'm missing things in my life. Being alive is the only way to see if things will get better or not.

Anyway :welcome: to the forums :smile:


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Hi Hannah...as it was said, here you are definitely not alone...there are so many of us who can relate to what you have said...hope you find the support and caring you are seeking...welcome again, J
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