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thought i'd say Hello, I'm Johnnies 'lodger' rofl - sorry it cracks me up.

I'm a slightly mad, animal loving 21 year old female, was northern but now living down south.

Favourite pastimes include, music, horse riding, flipping depression and self harm the bird as you do.

Have a wonder dog called Buster whom I adore even if the cheeky beggars currently trying to steal my toast.

So yeah, thats me in a nut shell!


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Don't ever let me catch you calling yourself my lodger again,you are my non biological daughter . Now get supporting some of the people here as only you can do :)


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Welcome nellytheelephant

so you finally went to town and said goodbye to the circus?

I'm up north - hope you enjoy down south - what you doing there then?

Hope things get better regardless - I take it your not feeling tip top - but seem cheerful which is a good start.

your so young also! but that matters little as we help each other here regardless - and learn even from someone like you - 18 - and cheerful on a suicide forum!

hope you can handle that humour - but a northerner usually can!

Best of luck - hope you get on here and make some posts and say hello to a few people - ignore anyone annoying you! Or tell a mod!

Not that people annoy here.

Regards - the PLG
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