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Hey all, I'm Bronx from England. I've been trying to pluck up the courage to join up for ages. I've been depressed since I was 14, I'm now 28. The feelings have never gone away, and at the moment (with my currrent situation) they're stronger than ever.

I hoped I could connect with some of the kind folk on here, I've longed for someone to talk to that doesnt just suggest I pull my socks up/grow up/be grateful for what you've got.

Bout it for introductions from me I think.....


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I love how your name reminds me of the Bronx Bombers (nickname for the New York Yankees, a baseball team popular in the USA)!

Anyways, welcome, buddy! :anony:

Plenty of UKers around too now that we're at it, so that's another thing going for ya'! :) Hope you're having a good day.
Thanks for the welcome!

The names from a pair of cheap old training shoes I had, kind of stuck with me, and reminds me of a time when the cloud of doom wasnt constantly hanging over me.


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You're very welcome, and pawsome :hugtackles:! Glad your name has nostalgic value too, never heard of that shoe brand but then again I'm from the States!!! :D
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