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  1. Jakke

    Jakke New Member

    hey all
    i'm new here, but i have some "issues" which i'd like to share, so i hope it will make me feel a bit better.

    see, the thing is, me and my girlfriend broke up 5 month's ago, but since then i tried several suicide's, i tried to hang myself 2 month's ago but my mom f***ed it up, since then i only cried and tried to slit my wrists, but i can't make the final cut, i feel horrible about it, but kinda happy about it, i really don't know what to do, i just want to talk someone about it!

    greetings from a desperated young boy...
  2. Jakke

    Jakke New Member

    if someone wants to talk with me on MSN Messenger, be my guest
    i'll really apreciante it
  3. StPatty

    StPatty Member

    Hey, i just got out of teenage years, and I don't know that much first-hand about dating. But I fell for someone last summer-fall and haven't gotten over it yet. She thought I was great, but I the more I got to love her the more I knew she wanted to be friends. We both felt differently and having too little of her was killing me, so after long last neither of us saw each other anymore... it went from spending time together every day to almost nothing. Just hints that she missed me a lot. I was without electricity/communication all summer and 3 months later, the next thing I knew, she was going out with a guy that I thought was not so different from myself, only the ways I wasn't right for her, he was. It felt strange that once and for all I had to let her go. It's not worth killing yourself over. If things almost worked out with your ex-girlfriend, then they are sure to work out with someone. Think about that, and I hope you'll realize it has to be true. In my case I know it's true, because she couldn't find anyone for so long that she obviously considered that I might be as close as she could find. Luckily for me she was mature enough not to put me through that. In the end though, things have worked out for her even though she didn't think they would. Maybe I'm next. Maybe you are. If the feelings you used to have were what you lived for, then why not live for having them again?
    It was the most painful thing I've ever gone through. And I'm still not back to normal. But I know the only reason it was soooo painful, is that I knew how close I was. I've been to counseling and that sort of thing. I've relied on everything I had to get through it, and a lot of times it felt like I didn't have enough.
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  4. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    I'm going to add you and message you. :hug:
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