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Just a quick post to introduce myself, I'm a girl in my early 20's, been feeling suicidal on and off from pretty most of my life actually :(. It comes and goes. Sometimes I'm okay for a really long time. Like a year. Every time the suicidal urges come back, they are stronger. I have been hospitalized a few times but that was some years ago.

There have been a few suicides in my family, maybe I just have bad genes. Lately I can't stop thinking about suicide. I can't find a reason to live. Trying to find one.

Would love to use the chat rooms since I stay up at night smoking and thinking thoughts that I really shouldn't be thinking. I can't get in though, I guess coz I just registered tonight :(.

Anyway, hi everyone, hope you are all having a decent day/night.


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Hi and welcome...glad you posted..I am sure as you share more, you will see how many people relate to what you are saying...welcome again, J


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Hi Scotgirl, welcome to SF.. the chat problem for you maybe just that you need to download the java language onto your puter.. one place you can get it is java.com.. hope to catch up with you soon in the chatrooms.. tc, Jim

PS i smoke also.. vicious little habit for sure..LOL
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