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  1. Struggler_

    Struggler_ Active Member

    So, I guess I'm the new guy--one of them, anyway. Don't really know what brought me here specifically. I'm not in dire need of help or support, and I'm not seeking a place that I can go to help people to make myself feel better or anything like that. I'm just...here. *shrug*

    I'm depressed, apathetic, mildly misanthropic, but I'm still relatively friendly enough and easy to talk to. Most of the time I'm very flippant, and take few things serious, so I'm not the mopiest person. Few people ever even know I'm depressed or that I hate myself, because I'm good at hiding it, and even when I do bring it up I tend to do it in a lighthearted fashion, making self-deprecating jokes, etc. People I know are also often taken by surprise when I talk seriously, which I can do because I have so many talents...

    Anyway, I'm Struggler. No idea how active I'll be here, but I'm here, so...hey.
  2. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    Hey Struggler..warm welcome to you.. I s just fine you are not at death's door or want to be... Is kind of nice actually.. Lol

    Look around the place at yous own pace..lots of forums with posts.. Chat rooms can be busy.. Get any question please let us know..later, Jim
Thread Status:
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