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hey everyone I'm 16/f/usa how are you all? I'm glad I came across this forum because I've had it with my situation. I have Social Phobia,I avoid social situations because I'm afraid of making a fool of myself. I don't know what to do anymore. As I type this I feel heartless and I know there's pain but I just can't let it out anymore. This is so hard to explain because when I cry I have no feelings... I can't think straight anymore. I'm not happy nor sad at this moment. I'm just...numb.
Hi :)

Welcome to the forum - glad you joined us :)

There are people here who are willing to listen :)

Take care, and hope to see you around in the future :)

:welcome: to SF numbinside. I am glad you found us. Social phobia can be quite debilitating if you are unable to get it under control. There are many here who suffer with this problem. I am sure you will find some people to share thoughts with. Take care and keep posting. :hug:
:welcome: numbinside we're glad to see you here. feel free to keep sharing cause like gentlelady said there are quite a few here that can relate to how you're feeling as far as the social anxiety. hang in there. you're young thus alot of time ahead of you for things to improve. take care and feel free to pm me anytime you just need to talk. :smile:
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