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Hi Again.

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I don't really know what to say. I was feeling fine for a while... Now not anymore. I just need help. I was a member here for a while, then I kinda dissapared. I'm I'm back here, trying to figure out a way to feel better.



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Welcome back, aurorita! I see that your birthday is coming up on the 17th. We'll be sure to celebrate your birthday on here! Best wishes to you....Alex


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Hi aurorita. glad you are back here now.. hope you get to a comfortable place here and are able to tell us some of what is going on for you now..
Welcome back to the forum. It is good to see you again. I only wish it were under different circumstances. I hope you find the support you need.


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Hello and Welcome to the sf.com forums! I also think you made the right choice to come here, it doesn't matter than you disappeared - what matters is that you ask for help when you need it the most.
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