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Hi all

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Hi, well, i guess i'm new. Not very much to say about me, just yet another depressed/suicidal sometimes teen.:unsure:

My name is hank, I live somewhere around the netherlands, and I am really bad at introductions.... :sad:

I hope you won't bite (like sarah did, *looks at torn jeans*)...

note: i can be very random at times


Hey Hey! Nice to meet you Hank :) i am new as well.I think you have made a great choice in joining these forums....i no i have.I hope you find what you are looking for.
:welcome: to SF Hank. Noone else here bites. Only Sarah. I hope you find yourself feeling very comfortable with us. Glad to have you here. :hug:


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Hello Hank, :hug:

Welcome to SF, my name is Katie (I hate it though, Blue all the way) if you never need anything or just wanna talk, I is almost always around so come see me. :tongue:

See you later hopefully,

jane doe

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welcome to the forum, here we all try to help each other, or at least to hear each other, so if you need it, don´t hesitate in pm me. take crae and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Glad to meet you Hank and welcome to the forum.:smile: We're good at listening and supporting and being a friend to those in need. Glad you joined us!:smile:

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