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Hi all)

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Hi everyone!

My name is Sergei, I am from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Some months ago I was near the edge for some reasons. With the suituation not resolved but moved away by the rock music drums playing and motorsports. The reason I have come here to tell you that we all not alone and to say you hello and to tell that I am encouraged with the way tou support the others.

I am from the other support forum for the pepole in suicide crisis from Russia.
I glad to see that we are not alone, the most support information for people near the edge has been deleted from the Russian servers as a madmad wrote to the police department that we were triggreding the people to commit a suicide.
That is wrong. But what we have lost was the greatest project in Russia helping pepole to to live the full life.

I am here just to say hello and to say that you do the right things.


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Well i hope you can find the same support here as in you did on your Russian site. This is a great place and hopefully you will make some good friends here and to receive the support you deserve. Love, beret xxx


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Hi surge,

Welcome to the site. You are definately not alone and i am glad you have found us. I am sorry the site in russia came under fire. But a lot of the time suicide is a very delicate subject. I hope you can find the support you need here :)

Take care and pm me anytime you need to chat,

Thanks a lot, but I am from the support team of the only forum left hidden from the search engines and everyone and I am a forum administrator) you see the suicide community in Russia is very strong as a rock, everyone tries to help each other.
I do not want to promote it, I've just come to share the experience of supporting people of different mentalities and religions and way of life. And if someone comes to your forum and it is difficult for him/her to express themselves in English but Russian is better for them, they are always welcome.
You have a pretty large forum, I am reading it and try to understand what is what):wink:


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Hey surge,

Thats really cool. Good luck to you and your forum. I think your english is excellent. I for one could never understand your forum. I have no idea how to speak Russian. I hope you keep providing the support the russian people need.

Take care,

Thanks for appreciating my English)

That's actually not my forum, it has been made by a girl from Israel, Sabina. I am the second administrator)
Russian is different, that is the only thing I can tell you as a linguistics specialist)).

Can I write here sometimes if I find myself necessary to support people?
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Of course you can write here :) That is what this forum is all about. Helping and supporting others as well as accepting support for ourselves. We value anyone's input as long as they abide by the forums rules. Glad you found us :)

Take care,

Welcome to the forum :) I'm sorry all the sites are being shut down in russia, but as said, it's a delicate subject and one that is easily abused. I hope you get the support you need.


hi Surge :) I am glad to see you here - welcome to the site - I hope that you find it helpful and that you make many friends here :)


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