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hi does anyone know about...

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I'm wondering if anybody knows about something called "King Solomon's Key" Or "The Key of Solomon the King"
I saw and aspect of it in a book, and then when i researched it further i found that there are actually 2 books about it but i'm not really understanding it.
The incantation that I found in the book says you have to pronounce the words correctly at the right time but it wont tell you the right time. But i dont know how to pronounce it and also doesn't tell me how.
The book(s) that I found by the same name as the incantation do not actually include the incantation and....i hardly understand a word of it.
So I am wondering if anybody has any information at all about the key that is in .... idk modern english.
if you have any information at all just post it.
Doesnt matter if it is relevant to the incantation or not. i just want to know about it
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