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Hi everybody

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Hi everybody,

I'm new here... And I don't know how everything works so I'm just looking around:laugh:
Well, I'm a girl, I'm 16 years old and I'm living in the Netherlands.
I'll post later some more, but ask me what you wanna know:smile:



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lol, Welcome again, i just PM'ed you before :smile:

The forum is usally a bit quiet about this tym but ther will be more people on later.

Hope you are well

From Josh
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Oh sorry, yeah I see that you PM'd me:ohmy:
There's so much information on this forum:blink: I don't know where to start with read:unsure:
Well but, thanx for PM me:smile:


Oh thanx:smile: I'll post some more but at the moment I'm just looking around. The people sound nice here:smile:
There are Dutch members on the forum, yes :)

You'll see them around if you go into the chatroom, or just look around the forum :)

Welcome to SF, always glad to have new members here :)

Take care, and PM if you need any help :)


Welcome to SF. I hope you like it here and stick around hun, if you ever need anything just drop me a PM and I will do my best to help ya. Take care of yourself and I hope to see ya around the forum soon!

:) - Carolyn

jane doe

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well jjust me, welcome to the forum. here we all try to help each other, so don´t hesitate in ask for help. you don´t need to talk about you unless you want to. you´ll see that you will have friends sooner than you tought. we don´t judnge anyone for anything. if you want to know anything special, ask me, i´m always here. or at least everytime i can. and if you need to talk, pm me, i´ll do my best. if you want us to ask you the best question may be why are you here, what are you feeling right now? take care hun
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