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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by nique, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. nique

    nique New Member

    I am new to this and thanks to a friend who suggested this site I am here, I am very nervous about talking to people about my problem/s. I get afraid of being judged. Just last year my Dr diagonosed me with Manic Depression. I went to him because I have been a angry/sad/down person for quite some time. Alot of the time i feel out of control like i'm loosing my mind and feel i may end up being locked up and the key thrown away. i started seeing a psycologist for the first time (only been 4 times) she is great! i've been given these exercises to help me but i struggle to try them or should i say i feel like i dont need to do them. maybe i'm in denial? I feel as though my Dr is wrong and there's more going on than depression i dont know but one minute i'm fine the next i'm crazy angry then next i'll be crying non-stop for two hours! I am so afraid that i am loosing my mind and i dont want to be known as a loony. it's so hard for me to understand and sometimes i question my whole existance! i never use to think about doing the worst to myself but the last 6 months it's started to enter my mind and when i have an episode its always there weather or not i take my anti-depressants i still have my thoughts and feel out of control maybe im just crazy and cant be helped? alcohol seems like a good idea but it fuels my sickness more i dont eat for days and i just drink then i feel sick physically! i hate it but dont know how to stop. i have next to no friends because of the way i am now days i use to be able to count one friend as an actual friend but i think that has gone out the window now too! i feel so alone 99% of the time and im sceared ill end up dying alone. anyway this is my story at the moment just looking for a friend and people who understand and may be able to help im not sure
  2. TJ

    TJ Staff Alumni

    Welcome to the Forum Nique ;) i do hope u find this site of somewhat helpful and friendly , my PM box is always open and feel free to message me anytime , i think you'll find that most people here can relate in some way and may have helpful tips etc on how to get thru , keep being real about whats going on for u , once again Welcome to SF :)

  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi nique glad to see you have a good therapist hun depression is hard i know but if you can stay on your medciation and work with your T hun you can start pulling yourself out of that darkness ok Nice to see you reaching out here to hun keep talking to us ok hugs
  4. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    Hello Nique and welcome.. Glad to have you with us now!!! We have some other members that battle with bipolar..maybe a look at the general disorders forum and see if you find some of their posts..

    For many yrs I did drugs and booze.. Is a dead end street which does not end well at all. You should try to be honest with your professional help.. Also not taking your meds as prescribed is not helping.. Especially with bipolar..

    Hope to hear some more from you!!! TC, Jim
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