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Hi everyone : )

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I've never joined one of these sites before but I'm sure there are many people I can relate to and can relate to myself here.
And it'll be nice to hopefully get some support from people who genuinely understand.
I'm 20, male, I haven't been thoroughly diagnosed yet but I'm soon to be starting therapy for anxiety, low mood and mood swings.
My anxiety was a lot worse when I was younger but it's started creeping back now.
I used to self harm, for a short period of time, but one time I went too far and ended up with stitches galore ha. That shook me up a bit, but recently the urges are coming back tenfold.
Suicide wise, it's something consistently on my mind.
I'm not always depressed, very up and down. Generally I'm pretty excitable, talkative, funny, but yer.
I shalln't go into depth now, but I hope to speak to some of you soon :)
Thanks for reading.


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Hello Freddie, :welcome: to SF! You're right, a lot of people here are going to be able to relate. I myself also have problems with anxiety and self harm.
I hope you find what you're looking for and I'm here if you ever need to talk :)
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