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Hi Everyone

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I am new here and wanted to say hi and tell everyone a little about me...

I am in the 10th grade I have had problems with bullying since the 7th grade in the 8th grade I starting cutting because I couldn't deal with the constant bullying and at the time I thought it would help.

I have depression, aspergers syndrome, I cut myself a lot in the past I have not cut in five months but I still think about it.


Growing Pains

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Welcome to the forums. I hope you find some help and comfort here. :hug:

I know from experience that both bullying and self harm are hard to deal with. Sometimes, it helps to have someone to talk to. It's good that it's been five months since the last time you SH'd, though. I wish you well in keeping it up.
i was bullied as a kid too i as the ugliest damn child with horrible acne but trust me what goes around comes around karma came back around and blessed the person who led the bullying against with horrible acne of his own and he wouldnt come into the store i worked at in the mall with all his friends because he was embarrassed because i was no longer ugly and all his friends liked me and karma had given him acne all of his own so believe when i say karma will come back around for them and sometimes she lets you watch.
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